//  27.-29.Juni 2014 - DTM 2014 at Norisring

At DTM Norisring 2014 the FLOWARENA® was presented in a new look.
Even the winner of the Scirocco R-Cup "#19 Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky" is enthusiastic about the new design.

dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01 dtm2014-flowarena01


//  29.Mai 2014 - 1. BUSINESSCUP in nuremberg

In nuremberg the first foosball Business Cup takes place. The finals will be played on the FLOWARENA®.

Flyer Businesscup

business-cup-flowarena01 business-cup-flowarena02 business-cup-flowarena03 business-cup-flowarena04 business-cup-flowarena05  


//  24.-25.Mai 2014 - 40. anniversary at BAUMGART with the FLOWARENA® and Chris Marks

Chris Marks playing the FLOWARENA®. Even the championsleague-final becomes a minor matter.

baumgart40-designkicker01 baumgart40-designkicker02 baumgart40-designkicker03 baumgart40-designkicker04 baumgart40-designkicker05 baumgart40-designkicker06


//  17.05.2014 - FLOWARENA® at DFB cup finals

At DFB - VIP section, the FLOWARENA® is a special highlight.
Trickshots with Chris Marks.

2014pokalfinale-flowarena02 2014pokalfinale-flowarena03 2014pokalfinale-flowarena01 2014pokalfinale-flowarena04


//  24.10.2013 - FLOWARENA® at ASIA-Night with foosball world champion "Lilly Andres"

Whoever thought that he could play table football, was introduced a better one at ASIA Night by "erlebe Wigner".
Foosball world champion - Lilly Andres - charmed the audience with perfect ball control.

Also team FLOWARENA did not stand a chance.



//  02.07.2013 - FLOWARENA® 2013  "DTM at Norisring" - special highlight | table soccer champion "Chris Marks"



//  29.june - 1.july 2012 - hattrick at "DTM"

This year the FLOWARENA® is guest by Volkswagen at the legendary "Norisring" race in nuremberg.

design-kicker01 design-kicker02 design-kicker03    


//  june 2012 - European championship 2012

In the VIP section of DFB the FLOWARENA ® is also thereby in Gdansk.

design-kicker01 EM 2012 design-kicker02 EM 2012 design-kicker03 EM 2012 design-kicker04 EM 2012 design-kicker05 EM 2012


//  13.05.2012 - DFB cup final in Berlin

More impressions oft the DFB Cup final 2012.

DFB Pokalfinale DFB Pokalfinale DFB Pokalfinale DFB Pokalfinale DFB Pokalfinale DFB Pokalfinale


// 01.-03.07.2011 - FLOWARENA® at DTM in nuremberg



//  30.10.-07.11.2010 - FLOWARENA® at the ATP tennis tournament in Eckental.

The FLOWARENA® foosball table was an eye catcher at the ATP tournament ...more informations

designkicker01 designkicker02 designkicker01 designkicker01 designkicker01 designkicker01 designkicker01

Saturday edition of daily newspaper competition

// 15.-17.10.2010 - Foosball fun at the Hockenheim race track

At the DTM race in Hockenheim on 10/10, the FLOWARENA® designer foosball table provided a lot of fun at the Volkswagon VIP tent. Even chef Mario Kotaske ("Kochprofis" on RTL2) and Formula 3, runner up Marco Wittmann were very impressed by the FLOWARENA®.


// 16.05.2010 - table foosball at the outdoor day (Happurger Stausee)

At the outdoor day, the FLOWARENA® foosball table was the highlight of the day.

flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-01 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-02 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-03 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-04 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-05 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-06 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-07 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-08 flowarena-designkicker-outdoortage-09


// 23.-25.04.2010 - World premier at the INVEST 2010 in Stuttgart

Is it a foosball table or a furniture piece?

That is the question that visitors at the INVEST 2010 in stuttgart asked
themselves when they saw the FLOWARENA® for the first time. Actually it is both.
It is an exclusive interior for everyone who is looking for a special kind of foosball table.

FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p001 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p002 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p003 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p004 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p005 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p006 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p011 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p012
FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p007 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p008 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p009 FLOWARENA-Design-kicker-Invest-Stuttgart-2010-p010        

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